Reid N Learn

Store Policy

The author considers that each customer and the potential customer are important, and in so thinking, the author will treat each customer with due care and consideration. No customer will be discriminated, based upon their age, gender, race or ethnicity.

Privacy & Safety

All information provided by the customers will remain confidential. The data will mainly be stored on the organization Website, which is secured. While Hackers are constantly looking for options to gather sensitive and personal information, the author will also be considering other features to strengthen the website from hackers and other illegal intruders.

Wholesale Inquiries / Discount Policy

The author has considered that some persons will purchase several of the same book or several other books compiled by this author because the content is appropriate, practical and straightforward. As a result of that, the author will be providing these options for discounts, to you, “the customer”:

  1. Anyone or organization purchasing one of each book at the same time will be entitled to a discount of 5% on the first occasion.

  2. Anyone or organization purchasing 100 of any of the same book, at the same time will be entitled to a discount of 10%..

  3. Anyone or organization purchasing 500 of any of the book, at one time, will be entitled to a one-time discount of 15% since some organizations will use these books as source material to teach other persons, whether at academic, religious or social groups and institutions.

The author will progressively review customers’ demand for the books, and at appropriate times, discounts will be considered, and where applicable, discounts will be provided to customers.

Payment Methods

Customers will have various options to make payments. Online payments will be made via online banking options, using various bank cards. Each bank may have a separate bank charge, per transaction, which will be paid for by the customer.

Customer Care