About the Business

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

This website provides persons with opportunities to interact with Reid’s Learning Institute and Business Consultancy. This business helps the author to sell books, receive feedback from persons and allow persons to book consultancy in the areas of Financial Management, Information System Management, Project Management, Project Management and Human Resource Management. The website was developed by Timothy Indarsingh in January 2020. The letter head was designed by Ronald Yuen.

Why was the business started?

The author and consultant cherish the opportunity to meet persons wherever they are, so as to meet their need for knowledge and also to help them to grow themselves, family and business.

What makes us special?

It has many of the common information that customers need and direct them to choose a book from a wide collection that was tailored to meet their needs. Those who read these books are expected to grow significantly as they have both knowledge and wisdom shared in each book, that has been customized to meet their needs, and many illustrations are included in the book to make learning easy for both the learned and unlearned.

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