Our Business

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To help various generations grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding, through thought provoking, simple and real life experiences.


Providing life changing information to persons at an affordable price, throughout the world.


To consistently explore ways to quench people's thirst for knowledge and to use simple information that will empower people to be successful both personally and professionally.

Core Values

  1. Ensuring customers are provided with their money’s worth (Value for Money)

  2. Returning part of the organization’s profit to the poor, needy, widowed and less fortunate persons (Social Partnerships)

  3. Respecting and avoiding child labor (Child Labor Opponent)

  4. Caring for the environment through the use of technology and utilizing reusable resources (Environmental Care)

  5. Acknowledging the contributions of Authors, Educators and Reviewers (Professional Acknowledgement)

About the Business

Reid’s Learning Institute and Business Consultancy was established by Geary Reid and family. The organization was registered as a business in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, on 2nd January 2020 and is located at 199 Kuru – Kururu, Soesdyke Linden Highway, Guyana, South America. The organization’s official email address is info@reidnLearn.com and our website is www.reidnlearn.com. We are a sole trader organization that envisages future employment opportunities for other persons who will aid us in meeting our stakeholders’ needs and the inevitable growth of this new organization. Reid N Learn is a profit centre of Reid’s Learning Institute and Business Consultancy.

The organization’s office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs (Eastern Caribbean Time). However, since many interactions will be done online, stakeholders may be able to communicate with employees of the organization besides the working hours. The organization intends to provide its products and services throughout the world, wherever customer needs exist, based upon its capabilities.

Our primary function is to offer a wide range of literary products and consultancy services to customers all across the world. Our main products are books (Paperback, eBook, Audiobook), while our main service is consultancy for several business areas, including, but not limited to, Financial Management, Information System Management, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management and Leadership. More so, additional learning opportunities will be provided through schooling, lecturing and seminars.

Our additional services will be extended to religious organisations (believers) and will include lectures, training etc., in Stewardship, Christian Prosperity, Leadership and servanthood, Church attendance and involvement, Evangelism, and Worship. Wherever the need may arise to seek external assistance for some additional services, same will be considered, with the full agreement of the client.